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A message to our valued clients…..

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We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for showing patience and kindness in what has proven to be a challenging year. We have all had to adapt to many changes and with that we understand there have been some frustrations. The demand for Vet care has increased greatly since March of this year and unfortunately the reality is a shortage of Veterinarians in British Columbia. Our Team in both Invermere and Golden work hard to ensure all our patients receive the care they require. At times that may mean we have to suggest another clinic. The reason is simply that our Vets have already been booked over capacity for that day. We must think about sustained operations as it affects everyone.

Our entire team knows and understands how upsetting and stressful it is when our pets are ill as we all have pets as well.

We are empathetic and understand when a client calls upset as their pet is sick, but it is NOT acceptable behavior to be abusive to our staff. 

We are happy to hear any clients’ concerns and we encourage positive suggestions and open conversations which you can direct by asking to speak to the Practice Manager. However, we have zero-tolerance for abusive and rude behaviour directed at our Team. For clients that continue to behave in this manner we will forward your records to a clinic of your choosing. Fortunately, this applies to a small minority of our interactions, but it is a matter we take very seriously.

Again, we thank all our loyal clients for their ongoing support, kindness, and understanding. As mentioned, if you have any questions or concerns please call (250) 342-7007 and ask to speak to the Practice Manager.

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